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B/W Comic Page
Continentals 3-61 by amberchrome
Continentals 3-1 by amberchrome
Friends and Other Headaches 4 by amberchrome
Friends and Other Headaches 10 by amberchrome
End of Her Rope 1 by amberchrome
GAAK part 3, page 56 by amberchrome
Comic book page, 1-5 panels, b/w line art and digital lettering. You supply the character/setting info and script. 
Caricature, Monochrome, w/ Background and/or Props
Memaw by amberchrome
Snowpants on a Car by amberchrome
B/W caricature of one person with background and/or prop element. 
Caricature, Single Subject, Monochrome
Caricature - Robert Downey Jr. by amberchrome
Our Beloved Premier by amberchrome
Caricature - Beyonce by amberchrome
Simple caricature, b/w, no background
Couple or dual subject, Monochrome
Wedded Bliss by amberchrome
Senior Couple by amberchrome
Cat and Boston Terrier by amberchrome
Potrait of a couple, in b/w line art or tones
Personal or Pet Portrait, Monochrome
Hippie Chick by amberchrome
Jenny Agutter as Jessica 6 by amberchrome
Potrait of Jake by amberchrome
Bust or head/shoulders of a person or pet. 
Color or Shaded/Toned Illustration with Full Background
Tegan by amberchrome
Testosterone Poisoning by amberchrome
Anzia and the Young Lord by amberchrome
Dresden Files Bookmart Art by amberchrome
Elena's Trump - Color by amberchrome
Stalking the Silver Fox by amberchrome
One or two main characters and background that may include a small number of secondary figures/props, in fully rendered color, shading or tones.
Color Character Portrait/background
Single character portrait in simply shaded color with simple background setting.
Single Character Portrait, Simple Color or Tones
Leigh Parsons by amberchrome
Tybalt for Silverwyng by amberchrome
Duse for Klyde-Ironhoof by amberchrome
Full-figure portrait of one character, simple tones or colors, against blank background. 
B/W Character Potrait, Full Figure
Harriet Cohn-Dumont by amberchrome
Blanche Woodman by amberchrome
Portrait of one character, full figure, line art only, no background. 
B/W Character Sketch
Jack for Silverwyng1059 by amberchrome
Micheal for Silverwyng 1059 by amberchrome
Mii'auww by amberchrome
Simple B/W character sketch, one head study, no background

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Feb 9, 2016
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Feb 9, 2016
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Feb 8, 2016
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2016 already? Gaahhh...

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 7, 2016, 1:18 AM

Time only seems to go faster as life goes on... anyway, thanks for all your faves, thanks to everyone who watched over the past year, and may there be better things in the coming year. 

Psssst... wanna help me out? Clip Studio Paint's latest art contest on Facebook is themed around uniforms. Any kind of uniform. This is my entry…

"Like" if you wanna. 



Artist | Professional | Varied
A comic book artist, cartoonist, portraitist and caricaturist living in the wilds of Fredericton, NB. Now that's a lot of hats to wear, isn't it?

:iconcommissionsopen::iconcollabsask::iconrequestfriendsonly::iconpointcommissionsask::icongiftsfriendsonly:TradesFriendsOnly RainyIcon by Galadnilien

I DO NOT do porn, gore or fetish art. Please don't waste your time or mine with such requests. For legal reasons, I do not accept paying commissions for work depicting copyrighted characters. I will, however, consider reasonable fan art requests and fan art trades with people I know and can trust and who are in the same communities of interest.

Trades, requests, and gift art are subject to scheduling. Paying work takes priority, a girl's gotta eat!…

Current Residence: Fredericton, N.B.
Favourite genre of music: Filk, Celtic, Hard Rock, Classic Jazz and Blues, Traditional Folk Music
Favourite photographer: Ansel Adams
MP3 player of choice: WinAmp
Wallpaper of choice: Whistlejacket, by George Stubbs
Favourite classic cartoon character: Bugs Bunny
Personal Quote: What is the color of the sky in my world? Red, blood red!
Fandoms: (in order of first involvement during my life) Krofft Bros. shows, Literary SF, Star Trek, Logan's Run, Star Wars, Star Blazers, Captain Harlock, Gerry Anderson shows, Jim Henson/Muppets, ROM, Transformers, Dirty Pair, Babylon 5, Legend of Galactic Heroes, Rose of Versaille, Ghost in the Shell, Disney/Pixar films, esp. World of Cars and spinoffs (Planes), Firefly, other Joss Whedon productions, Avengers (movie), Big Hero 6. I continue to be involved with, on some level, every one of them, not a fannish butterfly and that type of personality is frankly one of my pet peeves.

ART USAGE POLICY: You may link to my dA image pages, but please do not redistribute or host my image files on other sites without my express written permission, or place them on the same pages with NSFW material. Thank you. This applies only to original characters, I do not permit redistribution of fan art of copyrighted characters. Those are done for recreational purposes only.



The Wind's Daughter by amberchrome
The Wind's Daughter
Portrait of Heather Niatross, an OC of mine. She is a 2nd-gen F-105 Thunderchief. There are other pics of her but this design is more in keeping with the Cars/Planes canon. Heather's parents were in the Vietnam war, they married after their time in service ended, and had two daughters. Heather is the younger of the two, her older sister Susanne was a bit messed up after the untimely passing of their mother and went wild - booze, drugs, one marriage of brief duration and then a lot of "boyfriends" after that. Susanne's short-lived marriage produced one daughter of like breed. Heather, seeing what happened to her older sister, decided she wasn't having any of that and went into the state Air Guard instead. Besides the demands of her job, she must also look out for her sister and protect her niece from the consequences of her mother's poor choices. As a "Thud", Heather has two speeds - fast and faster. This sometimes makes things awkward for the wingmen she's been teamed up with. 
Cale and Ryan for Jlevinnh by amberchrome
Cale and Ryan for Jlevinnh
Two fighter boys, having fun in the snow. This is a commission for :iconjlevinnh:

Ryan Telson, the F-16, is all rugged up because due to unfortunate circumstances in his childhood, he's been delayed in developing the insulating layer under his skin that protects an aircraft against the cold. 
It was a Saturday, and Bravo had the morning off. Still sort of half-asleep, he adjusted his position on his sleeping mat as he yawned and took in the bursts of static word salad from his room's radio unit. Even in the digital age, aircraft hadn't entirely given up the familiar crackle of signals intoned into mikes, bouncing through the atmosphere, richocheting off earth and clouds, snatched from the ether by antennas and finally squawking out of speakers. Radio was simply part of what every aircraft breathed from birth, though internet and text were making their presence known among the kids of Wendy's age cohort -- at least those on the outside who had the PC's, the smartphones, and the wherewithall for a data plan.

It was finally force of habit and years of conditioning that caused the partbred Hornet to lift his head off the mat, flare his nostrils and strain his ears to make sense of the morning's smells and sounds. Already, Bravo could smell coffee and warm seedcake; though his head was inclined to snatch the rare opportunity for a few more minutes of snoozing, his empty insides issued a veto on that. He pulled himself up, yawning again as he stretched his U/C joints and shook out his control surfaces. The food smells were really calling out to him now, and he was just about to leave when the radio beeped. "Juneau Tower to Bravo. You have a civilian caller, identified as... Dusty Crophopper. Shall we patch him through?"

Bravo let out a snort and blinked before answering. "Affirmative, patch him through."

"Uh, thanks a bunch guys." Dusty's voice still carried the self-deprecating tone of a midwestern country boy. "Bravo? Hope I didn't wake you."

The fighter pressed his floor button. "Nah, I just got up. Just didn't expect to hear from you, though I definitely have no objections. So how've you been?"

"Good." Dusty replied. "Been gearing up for the Ace Factor series in Reno, at least we won't be flying anywhere over water in that place. Maybe the odd puddle, though."

"Yeah, salt water doesn't go down so well, does it?" Bravo commented dryly. "Well, at least you can say you've been places I haven't".

"Well, the ocean floor is kind of... I should say, overrated." Dusty's tone winced slightly. "But at least it was in a relatively shallow place and I'm still alive and flying. Speaking of that, I heard that you had a bit of a hard landing on your last mission."

"Dropped right down on the flight deck like a brick and just caught the third wire." Bravo chuckled ruefully. "Of course it was pitch-black, the boat was pitching and rolling and the nearest bingo was out of range. Didn't have an abundance of choices there. Now I'm stuck on shore till the repairs integrate, about six months. So what else did the "little birds" tell you?"

"They got you... working with kids or something? In Alaska. It was one of the plane captains on shore leave who was telling me this. She came to my last race on the west coast."

"Wouldn't happen to be Andrea Stills, would it? She had Echo on the last tour."

"Yeah, Andrea, that was her. Well, I AM 'working with kids', Dusty... just... VERY troubled ones. It's at one of the state juvenile facilities."
"Really? Wow. So how are the kids there?"

"Mostly there on minor stuff, like shoplifting, fighting, truancy, drugs, that kind of thing. But one in particular... she's fighter stock, and grew out of the foster system. They just didn't know what else to do with her and she's kind of wild."

"Fighter stock?" Dusty's voice raised an octave. "I didn't think the Department of Defense people would just leave a kid like that to a state system. Even in my case, social workers were always around. Mom certainly wasn't, and it was Dottie and Chug's folks who basically brought me up."

"Hmmm." Bravo's left eyeshade rose. "So you know something of what that's like?"

"I'd think it'd be worse for a fighter, though." Dusty continued. "How do they deal with that, the people at the home?"

"I can't say too much, confidentiality and all, but I can say, not too well." Bravo frowned. "Teens push boundaries and press buttons and answer the call of the wild hormones, right? It's almost their sacred calling. Fighters that age are like... teen squared. I was quite the hellion myself at that age. Mom and Dad credit their white muzzles mainly to me."

There was the trace of a sigh on Dusty's end. "Mom and Dad. That sounds nice anyway."

For once, Bravo was relieved that Dusty couldn't see his facial reaction to that last statement. In Dusty's case, there were caring adults present to make up for the absentee parent. What she'd rather do than stay around and bring up her child, he didn't know and wasn't about to pry, though he had his speculations. "I should introduce you sometime. They follow the races, and lately the three-day events, though that's mostly fast jets. Best of the outmodes. My kids might be doing that someday... if I have any."

"Well..." Dusty powered through the slightly awkward beat of silence. Bravo was somewhat impressed. The one-time cropduster was persistent that way. "Don't write off your genes just yet. There's that Aardvark lady, the colonel. Maybe you saw her on TV last night? She got into... farming, when she retired. Now she's the biggest landowner in our corner of the state, half the cropland around Propwash Junction is in her holdings now. I told you about Leadbottom, he's just itching to get the fertilizer contract for all that acreage. Roped me and Skipper into going along when he sees her at her main farm. That's about... tennish. So I'd better get going."

"Well, thanks for dropping me a line." Bravo grinned. "It was very good to hear from you, Dusty."

"My pleasure." the radio speaker squawked one more time. "Maybe talk again later?"

"Yeah, sure." the fighter nodded. "Evenings are best during the week. Reception's better too."

"OK, got that. Bye now, over and out." The radio went silent again. Bravo digested this for a moment, then slowly turned for the doors. They were already well into breakfast, but somebody had saved him some cakes. The "D'oh! Why didn't I ask him?" moment wouldn't come until half an hour later.


"Nice." Leadbottom whistled as he and his companions approached the main nursery complex adjacent to the home of Col. Blanche Woodman (ret.). Below them, an apparent infinitude of cropland lay in sere late-autumn fallowness, but the area around the colonel's residence and admin center was surrounded by at least a hundred acres of greenhouses and was still a bustling hive of activity even at this time of the year. Many of the outlying structures were of the traditional long, rectangular sort, but there was also a cluster of large domes, constructed of inflated geodesic cells, that put Dusty in mind of some sci-fi movies he'd watched over the years. Leadbottom's whistle was more than justified. Even Skipper had blinked hard, twice, as he took in the scale of the complex on the horizon.

The radio operator on the premises directed them to a private airstrip to the west of the facility; the old biplane went first, followed by the other two landing together.  A tug marshaller waved them onto a taxiway, which took them through leaf-patterned glass-and-verdigris gates into a large atrium that was also covered with a greenhouse roof, this one classic Victorian in style. The visitors registered a bit of surprise at the sensation of the air curtain that kept the cold from sweeping in with them. The gates then closed behind them, creating a seal. The air curtain shut off.

"Whoah." Skipper glanced about, wide-eyed, at the foliage that lined the courtyard-like enclosure. Reflexively, the Corsair folded his wings as his left tip brushed the fronds of a banana plant... bananas? BANANAS?!?! "Looks just like Hawaii in here."

"Oh, wow." Dusty could only stare at the tropical lushness that surrounded him; in addition, the aromas of a thousand orchids hit his sensitive nose at once. Most of them were way out of his frame of reference. Leadbottom just grinned. "Told you, but did you believe?"

"OK, I'm convinced." Dusty fanned his elevators. His system had acclimated for winter and the differential was still a bit of a shock. If he could guess anything, this was only the beginning.

"Good morning, gentlemen." Another pitty, one with the sleek lines of a receptionist, emerged from the tunnel of wisteria at the far end. "Col. Woodman had to take a call, but she'll be with you right after." She was followed by another staffer bearing a tray of refreshments. "Please help yourselves to some of our juices."


Wendy was outside this morning, as she was others. When the opportunity presented itself, she spent a lot of time outdoors. Her nose twitched as she read scents, other people's scents, determining who was happy or angry and over what. Oh, Bella and Evie are fighting again. Over what? The usual pissy stuff, probably. And we'll be having linseed mash again. I hope they put blueberries in it again. Kinda boring without.  No muzzle and no bars meant no noisemaking, it kind of took away her thunder. Now bereft of the restraints she'd converted to a perverse security blanket, Wendy had nothing more than her voice and her brain to use, if there was something she wanted.

The fighter rose up on her shocks as she saw a tug coming her way, with a mash drum in his tines. The new guy. She feigned indifference as he slid the container into its receptacle beside the gate into her shelter, but her eyes went over him every instant. Now that the constant irritants had been removed, Wendy could focus on other people. The tug was whistling as he went about his business, not a bad sort, really. As he moved on, she gingerly approached the gate and took the straw in her mouth. Yes, blueberries and syrup this time.

Almost involuntarily, Wendy blew out in relief, as close to contentment as she'd ever been the whole time she'd been here. Momentarily, the tug paused, with a half-turn. After a beat, the corners of his mouth turned up a bit, before he resumed his course to other chores. Wendy had appeared dead-quiet when he'd approached, but he had seen her follow him in that corner-of-the-eye way. His father had worked on fighters during a stint in the Air Force, and told him that they were never entirely complacent, even at rest. They always noticed things. This jet was still a ways from being entirely approachable, but now, it seemed a possibility, however faint.
Wild Wendy Part 10
More Planes fanfic. Bravo and other Planes canons belong to Disney, of course. No money offa dis!
Before He Was Blade by amberchrome
Before He Was Blade
This is basically the comic equivalent of a drabble. Hope it came off OK. This is the classic "F---k You Dad" trope, but the young man who would become Blade Ranger came by it honestly. My HC is that he came from a socially prominent family in the northeastern US, one which ran a prestigious corporate law firm. But he just couldn't help being the skunk at the family garden party, no matter how hard he tried and no matter how smart he was. After his first year in college, he'd had a belly full of it and figured he'd do what he had to do to keep his sanity, which meant a cut direct from his father and the rest of his family. He was that convinced that if they saw each other again, one or the other would be dead before nightfall. 

Toxic families, gotta love'em... or not. 

Blade, he belong to Disney!

How do you like your steak? (unless vegetarian) 

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